Non-Aligned: Scenes from the Labudović Reels

Mila Turajlic / , , , & / 2022

Josep Tito's personal cameraman unravels the fascinating history of non-aligned countries in the 1960s Balkans, in a film about the first wave of the post-colonial movement by the award-winning filmmaker Mila Turajlić.

Abolish slavery, end colonialism, create solidarity and help oppressed peoples. These were the main points of Josip Tito’s agenda when he helped found the Non-Aligned Movement and hosted its first summit in 1961 in the Serbian capital Belgrade, for a few days the ‘centre of the Third World’. The whole meeting was filmed on 35mm film by Tito’s trusted cameraman Stevan Labudović, before being put in a bank vault and forgotten. But since 2015, director Mila Turajlić has been rummaging through the Non-Aligned Movement’s archives to uncover hidden treasures. Through exceptional archival and editing work, she uncovers how the images survived the political project they were created to document – and how the post-colonial movement took its first steps.