Papa – Notes on Life and Death

Andreas Bøggild Monies / / 2023

The director's diary told in still images of a dramatic period in which he becomes first a father and then almost loses the love of his life when his girlfriend – filmmaker Lea Glob – goes into a coma after giving birth.

Director Andreas Bøggild Monies is happy. He has just become a father and has just bought a new camera, so he is documenting all the happiness that comes with having a baby. But soon after, his girlfriend Lea (the filmmaker behind ‘Apolonia, Apolonia’) becomes so ill that she has to be hospitalised and put into a coma. There she is for a long time while he cares for their child, and the time comes when he must enter the hospital room and say goodbye to his comatose girlfriend. ‘Papa – Notes on Life and Death’ is a touchingly violent, but also hopeful, tale, told in the director’s own voice and consisting mainly of the many stills he took with his new camera as happiness and tragedy occurred simultaneously.