Petrogenesis, Petra Genetrix

Ayoung Kim / / 2019

A spiritual journey to Mongolia, where the belief that even rocks are alive becomes an occasion to reflect on the origins of everything.

In 2019, Ayoung Kim travelled to Mongolia to research its abundant animistic belief system towards land, mother rock, stones and sacred caves that purify human guilts. It is the widespread belief of the Mongolian people that rocks and minerals are alive, like other natural elements. Consider the particular origin myth that human beings were born from rocks. From where does the belief come from, and why has it prevailed for so long…? Ayoung Kim traces this topic and creates her own hyperbolic mythology connected to the origin of Petra Genetrix by integrating interviews with a historian, geologist, geology museum director, and the locals. By way of the notion of Petrogenesis – which refers to a genesis from rocks – Ayoung Kim wanders the interrelated and overlapped layers of time, as though lost in the Earth’s strata. Can we think of the rocks and stones that have existed since the beginning of the Earth as the Earth’s vehicle for memory storage?

Presented in partnership with Art Hub Copenhagen.