Jakub Piątek / / 2023

Some of the world's best young pianists compete in Chopin interpretations at The International Chopin Piano Competition in a riveting adrenaline rush of a film. Classical beauty in a modern setting.

For classical pianists, The International Chopin Piano Competition is not just a competition. With incredibly high entry requirements and only two competitions per decade (!), the Warsaw competition has become the greatest recognition of talent, passion and hard work. ‘Pianoforte’ is the fly on the concert hall wall, behind the stage curtain and in the hotel room, where preparations take place not only on the piano, but also in the dressing room and in the mirror. The film is an eye-opener and approaches a rock ‘n roll portrait of a number of young musicians who are not just trying to make music their livelihood, but want to be the best. It’s hard work and dedication and as one of the finalists himself says: ‘If I win the 40,000 I’ll probably spend it all on therapy’.