Plants Have Feelings Too

Sara Loa Bro / / 2023

12-year-old Vera doesn't go to school, she goes to the garden. Here she grows her own vegetable garden, learning more about nature and why it makes her garden makes her so happy.

Vera is 12, and in the morning she doesn’t go to school. Instead, she goes out into the garden. ‘Plants Have Feelings Too’ follows Vera through six months, from when she starts to realise her dream of creating her own giant vegetable garden, until the garden is crammed full of vegetables. Along the way, Vera and I find out whether you can taste the difference between a potato grown in seaweed and one grown in topsoil, while we explore whether you have to fight nature by fighting weeds, or whether there’s room for both wildlife and vegetable garden crops. At a time when we all feel we should be doing more for the climate and biodiversity, Vera takes the lead while also learning why being good to nature makes her feel so good.