Plastic Fantastic

Isa Willinger / / 2023

The global plastic crisis is dismantled and reassembled in a well-researched, cinematic film that not only points to the problems, but also to possible solutions. Probably the most important climate film of the year, with an attentive eye on greenwashing and climate racism.

There are 500 times more plastic particles in the world’s oceans than there are stars in our galaxy. Plastic is in the oceans, rivers, air, soil and inside ourselves. And the plastics industry is planning to expand their business in the coming decades. ‘Plastic Fantastic’ is a film about the global plastic crisis. But it’s also a thorough and well-researched film about circular production, greenwashing, microplastics, carbon emissions and climate racism – and it’s made by a director who actually knows how to turn it all into a deeply engaging and, above all, human film. We meet shirt-sleeved plastic lobbyists, scientists and the activists who walk around Hawaii and Kenya picking up plastic waste with their bare hands while trying to put an end to the catastrophic production of plastic.