Polish Prayers

Hanka Nobis / & / 2022

A young, ultra-conservative man on the black-clad Catholic right suddenly discovers the colours of the rainbow and starts sawing at the ideological branch he was so securely perched on.

Homosexuality can be cured, no sex before marriage, and Poland for the Poles. That’s what Antek and his ultra-conservative friends stand for. Dressed in vest and sixpence, Antek is a leading figure and in his masculine ace among his young peers on the Catholic right when they go to Pride parades to demonstrate. But when Antek himself is exposed to a less-than-Catholic love interest, he begins to question the ideals he’s championed so far. With an open heart, ‘Polish Prayers’ turns into an ideological transformation that pokes at the classic male ideal and instills hope about how little it sometimes takes to change a young mind.