Porosity Valley 2: Tricksters’ Plot

Ayoung Kim / / 2019

A speculative fiction that revolves around the recent arrival of Yemeni refugees in Korea, and how xenophobic authorities consider them a visus in the system.

Petra has merged with its own clone and been transported into a dimension that transcends time and space. It awakens to find itself dropped on the shoreline of an island known as ‘Crypto Valley.’ The island is home to numerous minerals/data fragments that are now adrift, having lost their homes for different reasons. It is a land of boundaries, neither ‘here’ nor ‘there’. Petra once again experiences a migration review, facing authorities who regard migrants as equivalent to aliens or viruses. Failing its review, Petra gets confined to the ‘Smart Grid’ that serves as an alien detention center, but after encountering a visual/auditory hallucination there, it escapes, following a beckoning voice to the island’s center. There, within the caverns, it encounters the Mother Rock, a data center or ancient cloud and transcendent presence that has existed in this place for eons.

Presented in partnership with Art Hub Copenhagen.