Rahčan – Ella’s Riot

Anne Marte Blindheim / / 2022

Love, music, Sami identity and environmental activism go hand in hand in this inspiring tale of young singer Ella and her fight against the mining company that threatens her Sami heritage.

Sami singer Ella is torn between her strong ties to her hometown in Finnmark and her new life in Oslo with her boyfriend and a succesful career with her band ISÁK. But when a mining company threatens Sami land and water, she decides to leave town to save her home. Ella’s weapon is her voice: Song, music and the fact that she dares to stand on the barricades and shout loudly. In the spring of 2020, her music career suffers a serious setback. Will she be able to stand up, gather her strength and win the battle against the mine? The film is both a portrait of an extraordinary voice and an inspiring story about how far music, love and solidarity can take you.

The film is presented in collaboration with Fondet for Dansk-Norsk Samarbejde, which is supported by A.P. Fonden.