Revir — Everything You Hold Dear

Peter Hammer / / 2023

Two adult siblings live together in the shadow of their shared upbringing, until the past visits them and they must confront their family story. An accomplished debut with a sure eye for the small rifts that occur between siblings.

Susie and Sune are sister and brother. They have bought an old farm to pursue Susie’s dream of building her own business. She is a conservator and makes her living by stuffing animals, while he commutes for hours every day to do his job. She goes hunting, but he never really gets his hunting license. She wants a new hunting dog, he wants a new roof. ‘Revir’ is a sensitive tale of an unusual sibling bond against the dark backdrop of their shared upbringing, which the two adult siblings are forced to confront when their mother unexpectedly announces her arrival. Peter Hammer has a sure eye for all the little rifts and ingrained habits that shape any sibling relationship, as ‘Revir’ works its way towards a dramatic and existential turning point in Susie and Sune’s lives.