Sam and the Plant Next Door

Omer Sami / United Kingdom & Denmark / 2019

11-year-old Sam is growing up in the shadow of the UK's largest nuclear power station. Will he work at the plant like the rest of the town? Or will he follow his dream? 

The adults tell 11-year-old Sam not to worry about the huge nuclear power station the government is building close to his home in the countryside he knows so well. But for someone like Sam, there’s a lot to think about. Hinkley Point C will be the UK’s largest nuclear power station. Most of Sam’s classmates imagine themselves working at the plant when they grow up, but Sam has a different plan. He wants to protect nature, he wants to get an education and maybe become a biologist. But his parents don’t have the money for the expensive education, and now Sam has to seek help from the people behind the nuclear power plant. ‘Sam and the Plant Next Door’ is a film about standing up for who you are.