Silent Sun of Russia

Sybilla Tuxen / / 2023

Dark and artistically uncompromising debut film about three young Russian women of the alternative generation who dream of a modern life of freedom but find themselves trapped.

Alyona, Alika and Katya dream of love and friendship, but most of all of leaving Putin’s Russia. When the war against Ukraine breaks out, it becomes harder for the three young women to leave the vast country in the East, but also even more unbearable to stay. So one has left for Georgia, another for Spain, while the third stays behind in Russia. Their generation does not believe that political engagement changes anything. Instead, they show their resistance by living a modern and more Western life, where gender, sexuality, pop music and identity issues are vital. Set at night in cars, apartments and backyards, Sybilla Tuxen’s dark and artistically uncompromising debut film tells the story of a rebellious yet resigned section of Russian youth on the fringes of established society. Their stories offer a unique insight into an alternative and almost invisible side of contemporary Russia and the complexities young Russians live in. The question remains what will happen to Russia if all those fighting for freedom leave the country?