Songs for Dying

Korakrit Arunanondchai / , & / 2022

‘Songs for Dying’ interweaves histories of death and protest through memorial activities honoring the forgotten dead that allow for communal healing.

It is the narrating voice of a sea turtle—a revered spirit and descendant of a mythical dragon—that tells this story of loss, resistance, and familial love through which Arunanondchai’s memories of the last moments spent with his grandfather flow into the life of the forest, Jeju Island’s mythological origins, the legacy of haenyo’s sea farming culture, and their tribute to oceanic living systems. The footage of crowds that marched in protest of the Thai monarchy in 2020 to demand democratic reforms channels distant spirits—invoked in the shamanic rituals commemorating the Jeju uprising of 1948—with the promise of returning life to the anarchic forces of cosmic waters and ancestral currents.

Presented in partnership with Art Hub Copenhagen and Han Nefkens Foundation.