Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie

Davis Guggenheim / / 2023

From Hollywood star to a Parkinson's diagnosis. A heart-warming portrait of star actor Michael J. Fox's career and illness – told with blistering humour and irrepressible optimism by the man himself.

Actor Michael J. Fox is 29 and at the peak of his career when he is diagnosed with Parkinson’s. The disease threatens to derail his blossoming career, so instead of sharing the news with the world, he hides his symptoms for years. Michael J. Fox talks honestly, compellingly and with a twinkle in his eye about his career, his illness and his activism. From his bumpy road into the film industry to a glamorous life in Hollywood and immortality due to roles as Marty McFly in the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy and Alex P. Keaton in the sitcom ‘Family Ties’. Told in a riveting montage of interviews, home movies, reconstructions and career highlights, Davis Guggenheim’s film is a life-affirming and entertaining portrait of what happens when an eternal optimist is confronted with an incurable illness.

The film is presented in collaboration with The Parkinson Association.