String Therapy

Margaux Parillaud & Mie Frederikke Fischer Christensen / & / 2023

Surreal couples therapy with two bald women and a talking blob in a three-dimensional virtual reality space that spins as the thread of life flows from the two women's belly buttons.

In a three-dimensional virtual reality room that constantly spins, two bald women sit and talk to a couples therapist who looks like a snot blob with lips. From the two women’s navels, the therapist draws a thread that twists, and it seems that it is the thread and the personal and bodily connections between the characters that make the machine and the room and the Thread of Life twist. It is in this surreal scenario that ‘String Therapy’ unfolds as a film about relationships and the importance of the relationships we create and the existential questions they end up asking. A film that suggests we stop perceiving fate as a huge, intangible entity, but instead as something connected to bodily experiences through work, birth and genetic inheritance.