Tax Me If You Can

Yannick Kergoat / / 2022

Fast-paced, entertaining and in-depth financial film about tax fraud which explores where all the money goes – and what we can do to put a plug in the hole.

While you’re fiddling with your tax return, billions are disappearing from the piggy bank of society. Where does all the money go? And what can be done to plug the hole? Tax evasion has become a national sport in the tropical tax havens where the super-rich hide the gold and where an army of experts is at the ready to guide the rich through the legal grey areas to get themselves a slice of the cake. The cynicism and money flows know no bounds, but this entertaining and investigative financial thriller takes on the tax cheats with acidic humour and a fast pace. In fact, the film ends after just five minutes(!), but it’s no happy ending, and with a ‘follow the money’ philosophy it continues unabated to shed light on the grand financial shadow play of tax evasion worldwide.