Teaches of Peaches

Philipp Fussenegger, Judy Landkammer & Philipp Fussenegger / Germany / 2024

Fuck the pain away! 20 years after queer musician Peaches kicked off the new millennium, she's embarking on an anniversary tour - and she's armed with bare breasts, a razor-sharp entourage and a prophetic fuck you to the patriarchy.

‘Fuck the Pain Away’ was a musical breakthrough in the early 2000s and an inevitable hit in urban nightlife. A song that celebrates female sexual liberation and modern body positivism with a simple electronic beat and irresistible lyrics. Behind the track was Canadian musician and performance artist Merrill Nisker, better known as Peaches. Since then, pop culture has tried to catch up with the radical body and gender politics she practised, but no one has caught up with Peaches. With witty and sharp interviews, colourful concert footage and almost prophetic archive material, ‘Teaches of Peaches’ tells the story of the uncompromising singer and artist. From her punk youth in Berlin to a messy apartment in Canada, where her flatmate Feist sings backing vocals on her debut album, and on to the preparations for the anniversary tour she has decided to embark on to once again slap the locked structures of society in the face.¬†