The Color of Ice

Anders Graver / / 2023

Two scientists and a Greenlandic hunter each investigate and discover climate change in their own way on the white and blue ice sheets, but the goal and the hope are the same.

Over 60 years ago, an expedition of scientists drilled down through the Greenland ice sheet to measure temperatures at different depths. In ‘The Color of Ice’, two American scientists find the same site to conduct the same experiment using a new drilling technique to investigate how much ice has melted and how much the temperature has changed. Because information from Greenland is important because it melts two to three times more than the global average. In the middle of the ice sheet, their paths cross with Greenlandic hunter Olennguaq, who observes and feels the climate changes scientists are drilling for evidence of every day. He can tell by the colour of the ice and the moisture of the snow if his dog sled can run on it, but the changes make it hard to hold on to traditions and culture.