The Deepest Breath

Laura McGann / & / 2023

Two of the world's best free divers find the love of their lives in each other, but risk everything in the depths of the ocean. A dizzying epic that surges with adrenaline and big emotions.

Italian Alessia Zecchini has wanted to be the world’s best freediver since she was a child. As an adult, her talent and steely determination have taken her to the top of the world. And there at the top, she meets Irish adventurer Stephen Keenan. He’s one of the safety divers who makes sure the freedivers get out alive when they dive deep with no oxygen other than what’s in their lungs. Their meeting feels fated and together they push each other’s limits in the dangerous sport. With a mix of archive footage from their childhood and youth, interviews with family and friends and, not least, beautiful blue underwater footage from freediving competitions, ‘The Deepest Breath’ offers a unique insight into the intoxicating rewards and incalculable risks that come with chasing your dream deep into the dizzying depths of the ocean.