The Departing Images

Ana Edwards / & / 2023

The boundaries between self and world are porous in Ana Edwards' beautiful short film from a Mapuche family's home region in southern Chile.

A dog drinking from the water of a lake. The quiet breath of a sleeping body. The moon between the clouds. Ana Edward’s quietly overwhelming and hauntingly beautiful films from southern Chile envelop us like fragments of a dark and distant memory. We visit a Mapuche family who live side by side with their animals in a wooden house surrounded by mountains and trees. A man speaks of dreaming, of the blurring of the line between self and environment, while Edwards lines up a series of moments in an enigmatic sequence that moves freely between reality and reverie, and between immaterial and physical planes, with an organic naturalness. ‘The Departing Images’ is one of those rare films that, in an almost consciousness-expanding way, is experienced as much longer than its modest length would indicate. A complete world, conjured up in images and sound.