The Grab

Gabriela Cowperthwaite / / 2022

An investigative journalist exposes foreign powers buying up land under a smokescreen. An alarming docu-thriller about the invisible battle for future resources, from the director of the docu-hit 'Blackfish'.

Powerful nations and private investors have begun buying up vast tracts of land outside their own borders to gain control over the global food and water industry of the future. Investigative journalists uncover the scheme and follow the money to unravel the shady activities, from the war in Ukraine to resource extraction in Africa. ‘The Grab’ exposes the race by foreign powers to take over land, gain control of production and distribution, and to use the planet’s natural resources as a geopolitical weapon. Gabriela Cowperthwaite (‘Blackfish’) is back with a new docu-thriller about a cynical industry making billions speculating on a coming food crisis.