The Hostage Takers

Puk Damsgaard & Søren Klovborg / / 2023

Danish photographer Daniel Rye is one of the main characters in a nerve-wracking hostage drama based on a shocking interview with two life-sentenced British ISIS members in a confrontation with journalist Sean Langan.

After US war correspondent James Foley was beheaded by ISIS in 2014, his friend Sean Langan tracked down two jailed British Islamists involved in the execution. Sean Langan conducted hours-long interviews with the two Britons, and his intense interviews are at the heart of director Puk Damsgaard and Søren Klovborg’s hostage drama ‘The Hostage Takers’. The two ISIS members guarded many Western prisoners, earning them the nickname ‘The Beatles’ among their captives. One of them was the Danish photographer Daniel Rye, whose story testifies to their brutality. Two accounts, each with its own agenda. About the hell the captives and their relatives were subjected to, and about the radicalisation of young people raised within the Western walls. The adrenaline-pumping first-hand account from the man who got Daniel Rye out is worthy of an action movie, but it’s in Sean Langan’s confrontation with the two ISIS members that years of anger finally find vent.