The Last Seagull

Tonislav Hristov / / 2023

Bittersweet and darkly humorous about the 58-year-old beach bum Ivan from Sunny Beach, who dreams of retiring from life as a romantic companion to rich women, but will Ivan find happiness before his time runs out?

Ivan the beach bum is 58 years old, his skin is tanned and his hair is long. He is the last ‘seagull’ on Sunny Beach in Bulgaria. As a seagull, you make your living walking the beach, looking for rich foreign women who need romantic company while on holiday. Ivan has been doing this for 40 years, but now he’s a grandfather and tired, and wants to settle down and repair his ruined relationship with his son. But the question is whether it is all too late? All the women Ivan wants to settle down with are wondering if he can offer them the stability he craves himself. Tonislav Hristov’s new film is a sunny tale of an born bachelor who suddenly discovers that the clouds are gathering above him.