The Nature of Grief

Sami Saif & Sami Saif / Denmark / 2024

A gentle, personal story about a filmmaker who has lost his older brother and decides to explore the culture of grief with a group of experts in psychology.

It’s been 30 years since award-winning film director Sami Saif lost his older brother. He believes the grief that followed the loss of his brother has had a positive effect on his life. Now he has decided to delve into the suffering of grief to understand if it has a deeper meaning or if it is just another pain that humans have to deal with. He joins a group of grief researchers, led by bestselling author and psychologist Svend Brinkmann, who are travelling the country to investigate the phenomenon of grief and understand its culture. Through interviews, conversations and careful observation, we meet people who have lost loved ones. But we also learn about topics such as the history of grief, the diagnosis of prolonged grief disorder and the role of capitalism in the grieving process. ‘The Nature of Grief’ is never just a film about grieving and loss. It is just as much a celebration of our common bond and the life that goes on.