The Pavillion

Aannguaq Reimer-Johansen / / 2023

An architect's sculptural work intervenes in the Greenlandic nature of which it is itself a product on the country's western coast. A construction that becomes a reflection on the natural conditions from which it springs.

High up in the cliffs and facing the sea in Sarfannguit in western Greenland, architect Konstantin Ikonomidis is working on a curved pavillion built of ice blocks the size of bricks, laid out in an ingenious system according to strict mathematical principles. An almost sculptural monument, it is at once a man-made intervention in the frozen and rugged rocky landscapes of the wild, and a product of the very raw material and condition of that same nature: the ice that is now melting. The story of the construction of the Qaammat Pavilion is told by Ikonomidis, who shares his thoughts on its construction, and his hopes for the future of his work and the vast country around it.