The Voice Of Greenland

Warny Mandrup / / 2023

A moving journey into the world of faith, hope and love of the Greenlandic troubadour Rasmus Lyberth in the run-up to – and not least during! – a magnificent concert on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

Rasmus Lyberth has been celebrated for his powerful voice and socially critical songs over five decades. Now he is 70. Humbled to be celebrated, Greenland’s greatest singer, the ‘Arctic shaman’, decides to honour his Greenlandic audience with a magnificent concert. ‘The Voice of Greenland’ follows Rasmus Lyberth before and during the anniversary concert in his home country. Along the way, the troubadour talks about his career, while well-known singers such as Niels Hausgaard, Teitur and Julie Berthelsen drop by to share their personal experiences of how Rasmus Lyberth’s songs have opened the world’s eyes to Greenland and helped to shape its future.