Theatre of Thought

Werner Herzog / / 2022

Werner Herzog turns his gaze on the human brain in a witty and thought-provoking film that looks at the staggering philosophical and ethical challenges of modern neurotechnology with an eye for the quirky and eccentric details.

Master director Werner Herzog has visited the far corners of the world. This time, he ventures deep into the most unknown place in the universe: the human brain. With customary exuberance and an eye for the offbeat detail, he seeks out some of the world’s brighest scientists, Nobel Prize-winning experts and brain surgeons to feed his insatiable curiosity. Are we living in a fantasy? Will we ever be able to talk to other species? Can prosthetics be controlled by the power of thought? And how does our imagination work in general? Rarely has neuroscience, quantum physics and artificial intelligence been explained in such a witty, engaging and thought-provoking way.