Tíu (Ten)

Dean Deblois / & / 2022

Of Monsters and Men is one of Iceland's biggest export successes since Björk. Now they are celebrating their 10th anniversary with a musical and memorable road-trip in their homeland's scenic surroundings.

After his mountainous film ‘Heima’ (2007) about Sigur Rós, Canadian director Dean DeBlois returns to Iceland, this time with folk-pop band Of Monsters and Men. With careful camerawork and the backdrop of Iceland’s magnificent scenery, he follows the quintet on a journey around the island where they perform intimate versions of their music in a number of peculiar places that have personal significance for the band members – including a lighthouse and a fishing boat. The occasion is their 10th anniversary, which should have sent the band out into the world. Instead, COVID-19 has stranded them in their homeland and so the band themselves – and the camera – are the only audience as they perform familiar, rare and new songs and share memories of their 10-year friendship and creative collaboration.