Trans Hero

Sol Amanda Wendel & Evo Solas Smilla S. Sidney / Denmark / 2024

Alia, Charli, Kaya and Chris are children. They tell their own stories in their own voices about being between genders - surrounded by family and love.

In this curious and loving documentary, we meet four children aged 5-13: Alia, Charli, Kaya and Chris. They tell their own stories in their own voices. They are stories about being between genders. Some are curiously exploring who they are, some feel that they are something other than what their surroundings expect, and others may be both. Filmmaker Sol Amanda Wendel gives the children peace, respect and space and has created a little gem of a film about finding yourself. A film where children are not alone in their curiosity about who they are, but surrounded by family, friendships and love.