Twice Colonized

Lin Alluna / , & / 2023

Lawyer and activist Aaju Peter fights her own and other indigenous peoples' struggle for recognition in a world where colonialism is not a thing of the past. But at the same time, she struggles with her own demons and traumas in a film that tells her story.

The irrepressible Aaju Peter struggles to create a permanent EU forum for indigenous peoples, while delving into her own origins. When she was a child, she was sent away from her family in Greenland to Denmark. There she lost both her mother tongue and her indigenous culture. So when she grew up, she fled instead to Arctic Canada, only to experience the colonisation of the Inuit there too. Now, Aaju Peter fights for justice to create a better future for her grandchildren and future generations. ‘Twice Colonized’ is a personal struggle in majestic landscapes for an apparently infinitely strong woman who struggles to win the respect of the world. A struggle that involves a journey back in time: To Greenland, to Denmark, to Canada and to the rest of the world, to revisit the places and the traumas that still haunt the towering lawyer who is herself the author of her story in Lin Alluna’s compelling and dramatic debut feature.