Under the Fig Trees

Erige Sehiri / , , , & / 2022

Charming and warm Cannes hit where a Tunisian fig plantation becomes a microcosm of conflict, flirtation and gossip across genders and generations over the course of a single summer day. A docu-fiction with fruit pickers in every role, and a solid candidate for debut film of the year.

A Tunisian fig orchard becomes a microcosm in ‘Under the Fig Trees’, set over a single summer day from morning to evening. Women and men, young and old, work side by side picking figs while flirting, arguing, gossiping and sharing their lunches with each other in the shade. With a distinct and natural touch, debut director Erige Sehiri has an extraordinary eye for detail as the cast – who have never been in a film before – performs the drama of everyday life and indirectly tells us about life in the North African country. Documentary and/or fiction? Sehiri already masters the art of making the hardest things look easy.