Under the Sky of Damascus

Heba Khaled, Talal Derki & Ali Wajeeh / , , & / 2023

A group of young Syrian women gather to perform a play in the country's devastated capital which continues to be haunted by violence – not least against women – in a new film co-directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Talal Derki.

A collective of young women come together for a revolutionary but risky project. They will create the first play written and directed entirely by women in the Syrian capital Damascus. The women want to be heard and bring about change in their lives, haunted by the violence of an unending war and by an ingrained misogyny in society and their own families. Oscar-nominated filmmaker Talal Derki (‘Of Fathers and Sons’) and Heba Khaled, along with their co-director Ali Wajeeh, have created a geniune work of cinematic art about the difficult, conflicted process that puts the women’s friendship and mission to one test after another.