Tizza Covi & Rainer Frimmel / / 2022

Welcome to the outskirts of Rome's decadent jet-set, where a woman seeks a new meaning to life – and perhaps finds it. A semi-documentary satire of bittersweet melancholy, with everyone playing fictional versions of themselves.

In the glamorous jet-set environment of Rome, everyone thinks everyone else is a somebody. You know the environment from films like ‘La dolce vita’ and ‘The Great Beauty’, but ‘Vera’ is closer to reality and the streets, even if Vera herself lives in the peculiar Roman wonderworld of sugarcoated illusions and brutal reality. But now she is tired of the superficial luxury life. When she is involved in a traffic accident, she crosses paths with the father of a poor family  an event that may change her life. In a Rome where everyone performs their way to success, it makes sense that all the cast play fictional versions of themselves  including cult star Asia Argento  in a bittersweet satire and cinematic take on the boredom that sets in once all dreams have come true and desires are fulfilled.