Ane Hjort Guttu / / 2023

A documentary maker from Norwegian TV meets resistance when she contacts a group of activists in good faith to tell a story that is not her own at all. Witty and well-crafted satire that pokes at one of the sore spots of our times.

It seemed like a great idea at the time. Rhea wanted to make a documentary about a group of young people in a suburb of Oslo who use the medium of film to explore and tell their own stories. They film the everyday life they know, with football matches and cars on fire. But when Rhea, a cultural outsider and a documentary filmmaker who works for Norwegian TV, tries to tell their story, the young people resist. Rhea must learn to let go of her control over her own film. But what happens when you have to bring everyone into the editing room in the name of co-creation? Ane Hjort Guttu is a visual artist with a number of short works at previous editions of CPH:DOX. With her first feature film, she has created a sly but never malicious satire of what happens when good intentions, artistic freedom and political activism collide in the 2020s. That the young cast members play versions of themselves in ‘Voice’ only adds another meta layer to an entertaining and elegant film that wittily and knowingly pokes at the sorest spots. Easy to watch, hard to forget.