Where Is Anne Frank

Ari Folman / , & / 2021

Thought-provoking and beautiful, animated film about the immortal story of Anne Frank's diary, created by the director behind the animated success 'Waltz With Bashir'.

‘I hope I shall be able to confide to you all that I have never been able to confide to anyone before’, writes 13-year-old Anne Frank in her brand new diary in 1942. She finds a friend, Kitty, to whom she can freely share her feelings, her sexuality and her dreams for the future. In this magnificent film, which adds new layers to the iconic diary, the red-haired Kitty now steps out of the diary’s long-hardened ink to search for her best friend. She witnesses the Frank family’s final months during the Holocaust in Europe during World War II and the diary’s incredible subsequent fame. A thought-provoking and beautiful retelling of Anne’s iconic testimony of a childhood life in hiding, which draws on contemporary narratives of escape and unfreedom. Narrated by director Ari Folman, also behind the animated film ‘Waltz With Bashir’.