While We Watched

Vinay Shukla / / 2022

Nerve-wracking newsroom thriller chronicling the decline of Indian journalism, told through the eyes of a tv reporter standing against a rising wave of misinformation and propaganda.


‘Our job is to ask the toughest questions of those in power,’ says Indian primetime TV host Ravish Kumar at a time when others increasingly prefer to not do so. Ravish Kumar has been a rock of journalism and decency for decades, but he now finds himself a lonely figure in a rapidly changing news landscape, where truth makes way for sensationalism and fake news. Vinay Shukla (‘An Insignificant Man’, CPH:DOX 2017) follows Ravish Kumar up to the re-election of the country’s ruling party in a fast-cut, nerve-wracking thriller about standing firm even as everyone else jumps ship when the muddy waters begin pouring in.