White Balls on Walls

Sarah Vos / / 2022

What do we do with an art history where all the works are made by men? Join the meetings as the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam tries to bring art into a new age. It is wise and funny to listen to in an elegant film that sets the bar high.

It is no longer acceptable for museums to have only white male art on their walls. Times are changing, and at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, director Rein Wolfs and his team have set out to do something about it. But how? In a smart and understatedly witty film that emphasises nuance and complexity over quick slogans and easy solutions, director Sarah Vos has had full access to the conversations at the world-renowned exhibition space at a time when culture is changing. It is a pleasure to listen in, as the level of professionalism is sky-high and the self-irony delightfully playful. Theory and practice are not always in synch when diversity needs a boost, and it is not just a question of what is exhibited on the white walls of our cultural spaces.