Who I Am Not

Tünde Skovran / / 2023

A touching, humorous and taboo-breaking story about two intersex people trying to figure out what or who determines which gender they should consider themselves to be.

What is a female? What is a male? What or who determines whether you are one or the other? Can you be both or neither? And does it even matter? ‘Who I Am Not’ follows two intersex South Africans who were born with bodies that are not typically female or male. Sharon Rose (she/her) is a beauty queen, and although she is officially recognized as one of South Africa’s most beautiful women, she still struggles to understand how could she be born with male genetics. She finds support in Dimakatso (they/them), a male-presenting intersex activist who also struggles with gender dysphoria and to understand what they really are. An important and moving film, and one of the very few about the approximately two percent of the world’s population defined as intersex.