Wild Life

Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi & Jimmy Chin / / 2023

The story of the eco-activist who started the clothing brand North Face and spent all his money saving Chile's wildlife, told by his life partner and the directors of 'Free Solo’.

After starting the North Face clothing brand, being involved in Patagonia and turning Esprit into a billion-dollar business, American Doug Tompkins moves to Chile and starts buying up millions of acres of land. The Chileans are sceptical. There are rumours that he will dump nuclear waste, that he will create a new Jewish state, that he will replace all cattle with American bison. In fact, eco-activist Doug Tompkins is buying up the vast tracts of land to preserve them as wild nature. But when Doug dies in a kayaking accident, his wife Kristine is left to decide what to do with her husband’s life’s work. ‘Wild Life’ is an intimate double portrait of two people and their love for each other and for nature. A philanthropic tale of a collection of a chilled-out surfer dudes who developed idealist clothing brands, went climbing and fell in love with nature and decided to ensure its survival. Created by the team behind ‘Free Solo’.