You Only Live Twice

Hwayeon Nam / / 2022

A dialogue-free dance exercise in an empty warehouse in Busan becomes a meditation on the physical impermanence of the body.

A performance rehearsal is a time reserved for repeating the actions which will later be executed. Before a performance becomes an enactment of a singular event, performers use rehearsals as a means to prepare and practice the eventual extinction of the predetermined event. It is a repetition of suspension. You Only Live Twice captures a time of a performance rehearsal inspired by Auguste Rodin’s Gates of Hell in an obscure manner at Pier 1 of Busan Port, which has been abandoned after it served its purpose as a port. You Only Live Twice touches upon various aspects of human desire and imagination after the time of death and explores to link the time of rehearsal with death, the absolute event and gradual process of life, through embodying the complexity of emotions and expression of entangled human bodies conveyed in the Gates of Hell, referencing a scientific attempt towards the possibility of revival, and depicting the images of people falling asleep.

Presented in partnership with Art Hub Copenhagen and Han Nefkens Foundation.