CPH:DOX x Pærfekt presents: Gin & Croquis

We celebrate the opening of this year's SCIENCE:CINEMA on Tuesday, March 19 at 17:00 when we move into Stærekassen and draw p(e)rfect bodies of all shapes and sizes while drinking Gin & Tonics brewed from crooked and discarded cucumbers.

In collaboration with Muskelsvindfonden and PÆRFEKT GIN & CROQUIS, we celebrate uniqueness and break down ingrained notions of what constitutes an ideal and normal body. The body is set free when p(e)rfect croquis models make themselves available for art and conversation about body ideals, disability activism and body politics. On stage, meet a panel of well-known and knowledgeable guests who draw along and take part in the conversation: Can we see our bodies and the bodies of others in a new light through a pencil line? And de-taboo our relationship to the body together?

Everyone can join in, and along the way you will be guided by a drawing host who will give you good advice on how to get started with the art of croquis. The host is the chairman of the Muskelsvindfonden, Simon Toftgaard Jespersen. Also drawing are social commentator and cartoonist Anders Morgenthaler, Professor of Social Anthropology and Director of the National Museum of Denmark Rane Willerslev and lifestyle expert Christine Feldthaus. Before the event, we will show the short film ‘Core Memory’, in which a three-year-old girl falls over a brush and paint and with innocence, creativity and herself as a canvas, creates a magical work on and with her own body.

Practical info: Included in the ticket price you get a Gin & Tonic made with Muskelsvindsfonden’s gin, Pærfekt, which is brewed from discarded cucumbers. To Øl sells beer and Mikropolis cocktails along the way. You will be provided with a drawing pad, paper and pencil. The event is presented in collaboration with Muskelsvindfonden. 

NB. This event will be in Danish.

Photo credit: Nørrebro Teater