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You can watch all the films in the UNG:DOX programme by pressing HERE

UNG:DOX is CPH:DOX’s programme aimed at upper secondary schools, established in 2012 based on the idea that modern documentary film can provide students at Denmark’s upper secondary schools with an innovative, academic and cultural input into their education. We develop our film programme in collaboration with our network of subject teachers to ensure that films and events meet the requirements of upper secondary school curricula. In addition, we prepare academically relevant teaching material for several of the films, which can be found under the individual films.

As always, we have a separate programme with selected films, talks and academic presentations, specifically targeted at secondary school teaching in subjects from Danish and social studies to mathematics and German. Please note that it is possible to buy access to all films in the CPH:DOX programme for educational use with a UNG:DOX discount. Contact project manager Amalie Brok to book tickets for you and your class.

Below you will find the themes for the festival in 2024. Clicking on the themes will take you to the documentaries and events in the UNG:DOX programme 2024. The 2024 programme is presented in collaboration with Systime.

Tickets cost DKK 50 (incl. VAT) per student.

We are also happy to offer a group discount for larger bookings for year groups, subject lines or entire schools.

Contact information for project manager Amalie Brok
Mail: amalie.b@cphdox.dk
Phone: 27 59 87 12